Events and Milestone Sessions

I enjoy capturing all types of events for my clients. These include birthday parties, gender reveals, birth announcement sessions, surprise engagements, and smash cake sessions. My event rate is $150/hr. That rate includes my time covering your event and my editing time. 

Labor and Delivery

Availability is very limited due to my full-time job, however, if I am available or can take off work...I would love to photograph your labor and delivery. 


My rate for labor and delivery photography is $125 per hour, starting from the time I arrive at the hospital and ending when I leave. 

Fresh 48

Fresh 48 sessions take place in the first two days after your baby is born. These sessions typically take place in the hospital. I'd like to emphasize that I've found it's best if I arrive as soon after the baby is born as possible. This is because I've found that mothers (especially first-time moms) start to feel less than stellar when their pain management medications start to wear off. My rate for Fresh 48 sessions is $125 and that includes photos of baby, baby with the parents (if desired), and images of the new arrival with any family members present. 

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