We’re going to be best friends. No, really. That’s what happens when my clients hire me. I show up, we have some fun, and BAM…we’re besties! I like to make people feel comfortable in their own skin and around me. My mission is to not only give you photographs you’ll love now and years to come, but for you to enjoy your photo shoot experience with me.


But anyone can buy a “good camera” and snap a photo, right? Sure, but it’s not likely to happen. The iPhone “portrait mode” may be good in a pinch, but it will never replace the bokeh from a 70-200mm lens. And, anyone can use a preset (filter for you Insta-lovers) to change the look and feel of a shot. But not just anyone can get the best out of you. Uncle Bob may know how to photograph a landscape, but you’re not a mountain. Mountains are easy. People...are complicated.


Today’s photographers wear many hats and have to be prepared for anything from diaper blowouts, bride and groom blowups, missing rings, wilting flowers, body image issues...I could keep going.  We’re therapists, wedding coordinators, baby whisperers, toddler chasers, lipstick stain removers, tear wipers, comedians, mind readers, and artists. Those are just a few things a good photographer has to be to deliver the best images to their clients.

Thanks to Pinterest, everyone has an idea of the images they want before they show up to their session, right?  But how do those images come to be? Are the people in all of your pinned shots just gifted with being perfect in front of the camera? No. Most of the time, they’re regular people like you and me with a good photographer behind the camera making them feel at ease in a moment when most people feel abundantly awkward. "I don't know what to do with my hands..."  That's OK, I've got this! 


I get it. You see my photos. I can’t be serious, even when having my own photos taken. I’m awkward in front of the camera. I know how that feels and I strive to make my clients as comfortable as possible. You’re going to laugh with me…A LOT. So let’s chat. I can’t promise all of my jokes will be good, but I can promise that I will still laugh at my own bad jokes because I can’t help myself.







Fun Facts about Me

I love wine, Netflix, and all Mexican foods.

A top-shelf margarita is the way to my heart.

I love to exercise.

I have a full-time job plus my photography.

I have a 16 yr olds and newborn baby boy. Because I'm crazy.

I married the man of my dreams. My husband is my rock, my strong and steady, my everything. I'm going to love him long after I'm dead and gone.

It took me 17 yrs to earn a 4yr Bachelor's in Psychology. I'm nothing if I'm not determined.

I'm a hopeless romantic that's obsessed with Gone with the Wind. 

NOBODY puts Baby in a corner.

Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Scandal...in that order.


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